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Brakes are one of your truck’s most important safety features, so they should be inspected frequently and repaired when necessary. Our technicians replace brake pads, rotors, drums, hoses, and more. Come to I-55 Truck and Trailer Repair anytime you need brake inspection, repair, and maintenance.

Here at I-55 Truck and Trailer Repair, we know that the greatest impact of a breakdown is lost time, undelivered freight, and expense. That’s why our talented technicians work hard to return your rig to service as quickly as possible. Our onsite parts department and busy parts truck help us ensure a quick turnaround time while you wait. We offer full service on all your truck’s mechanical systems, including the brakes. Tractor trucks carry heavy loads on highways full of other drivers who sometimes swerve or switch lanes without warning. It can take a long time to stop a rig because of the weight of the load pushing from behind.

Brake Systems

If it’s been a while since you had your brakes serviced, it’s probably time to come in and get it done. Brake system longevity depends on many factors, but the typical brake pad lifespan is about 25,000 to 65,000 miles. Stop-and-go driving is hard on your brakes. Some things you can do to maximize their life include driving slower and lightening your load, but those aren’t always practical when you’re trying to stay on schedule. Regular brake maintenance is of paramount importance.

Signs of Trouble

There are some important things to watch for with your braking system. If you hear a high-pitched squealing when you hit the brakes, it could be a sign that your brake pads are getting worn and need to be replaced. Grinding when braking is a red alert that your pads have worn out and you need to get your brakes serviced soon! Other warning signs include pulling to the left or right, unusual vibrations when braking, and a brake pedal that feels too loose when you push down on it. Your trailer brakes should also apply and release shortly before your tractor brakes. If the timing is off, it could pose a skidding risk.

Our Brake Services

We provide full brake system services, including:

Diagnostic Troubleshooting
Air Brake System Repair
ABS Diagnostics and Repair
Hydraulic Brake System Repair
Friction Material Replacement
Bearings and Seals
Brake Shoe or Pad Installation and Replacement
Hub Assembly Installation and Replacement
De-Lining and Riveting

We use the latest diagnostic technology and the highest-quality parts to give you the best possible service. You can lounge in our trucker’s area and watch television or use our free WiFi while you wait for repairs. We’ll even give your vehicle an official DOT inspection. Whatever you need to get your truck back on the road, I-55 will make it happen.

I-55 Truck and Trailer Repair: Your Best Choice for Brake Service

Come see us at our shop in Fort Worth or give us a call if you need us to come to you. We’ve been serving the entire Marion, West Memphis and Memphis, AR area for many years, and we want to show you why so many truck drivers trust their vehicles to I-55.

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