6 Common Indicators That Your Heavy-Duty Truck Needs Tuning or Repair

Heavy-duty trucks are an integral part of many businesses and industries. From long-haul truckers to construction, heavy-duty trucks are used to transport goods and materials over long distances, as well as to perform heavy lifting. However, even the most reliable trucks need regular maintenance and tuning in order to remain in good working condition. Here are six common indicators that your heavy-duty truck may need tuning.

Common Engine Problems in Heavy-Duty Trucks and How to Troubleshoot

Explore common engine problems in heavy-duty trucks and empower yourself with troubleshooting insights. From air and fuel issues to glow plug and battery troubles, this guide delves into diesel engine intricacies, offering practical solutions to keep your fleet running smoothly. Discover the role of computer diagnostics and the importance of preventive maintenance in avoiding costly repairs. Recognize when professional truck engine repair is necessary and learn how I-55 Truck & Trailer Repair can ensure your fleet’s reliability, efficiency, and readiness for the road.