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Do you wish to improve your truck or fleet’s capabilities for hauling heavy loads and handling rough terrain? If so, I-55 truck and traier offers state-of-the-art modifications to meet every imaginable need. We make off-road and power-based adjustments to enhance your vehicle’s performance beyond its factory design. Let us help you get the most out of your investment.

Our Services

Oil & Transmission Coolers

Is your radiator struggling to keep your vehicle cool? If so, it’s time to upgrade to a solution that uses both oil and transmission coolers. These coolers function by dispersing heat from the oil and transmission fluid, similar to how radiator systems dissipate heat from engine coolant. This prevents overheating when hauling heavy loads, especially in terms of driving uphill or on uneven land. Overheating can inflict serious harm to an engine, including damaged pistons and blown head gaskets. Upgrading to a system that incorporates transmission and oil coolers ensures your vehicle’s well-being and performance when taking care of large loads.

Chassis Adjustments

Multiple brands of basic truck chassis are available in the market. While these chassis are suitable for most purposes, there may be times when a customized or specialized chassis is required for certain applications. This happens when a standard chassis is not enough to meet the outlined specifications.


Generally, a turbocharger is placed in a diesel engine during the manufacturing process. If you believe that your truck or fleet lacks power, you can choose to replace the existing turbocharger with a bigger one and allow it to carry heavier loads. Note that a bigger turbocharger demands more cooling, so you should upgrade the coolant system when you change the turbocharger.

The following is a list of other services we offer:

  • Alternative fuel systems
  • Axle and steering conversions
  • Body and component installation
  • Custom-build projects
  • Frame modifications
  • Repairs and refurbishment

What Makes I-55 truck and trailer Stand Out?

With 15+ years of hands-on experience, we can personalize a complete program to meet the unique needs of your truck or fleet and maintain its roadworthiness. With the latest technology and in-depth knowledge of OEM platforms, our services are second to none. We implement industry best practices and follow an innovative approach to engineering a solution that works specifically for your business.

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