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I-55 Truck and Trailer Repair is a full-service repair shop in Fort Worth. With over 30 years in the trucking industry, we understand how downtime can hurt your bottom line. When you need help, our experienced team works tirelessly and efficiently to get your truck back on the road fast. We provide a full range of mechanical repair services to customers in the DFW Metroplex, including suspension repair and replacement.

I-55 Truck & Trailer services all makes and models of trucks and trailers. Our years of experience and in-house parts department help us minimize repair time. With our competitive prices, expertise, and fast turnaround time, it’s no wonder we’ve become one of the most trusted names in Marion, West Memphis and Memphis, AR truck repair. If your truck can’t make it into our shop, call us anyway! We’ll send our 24-hour mobile repair unit to meet you.

Suspension Systems

Keeping your suspension system in good shape is an important part of having a well-maintained vehicle. Your truck’s suspension is what allows you to control the vehicle, have a smoother ride over bumpy roads, and take corners without rolling over. It is located in the chassis underneath your truck, where it supports the frame and absorbs shock from the tires.

Signs of Trouble

There are some common signs that will let you know if your suspension system is starting to fail. If your rig is pulling hard to the left or right, it’s time to let I-55 Truck and Trailer Repair take a look and get it repaired. Pulling is one of the most common signs of suspension problems.

If your ride is suddenly much bumpier than usual, you could have a shock-absorber issue. If your suspension system isn’t absorbing shock as it should, you will feel every bump and hole in the road as you drive over them.

Difficulty steering your vehicle is another sign to watch for. If it’s taking more effort than usual to rotate your steering wheel, especially at low speeds, you could have a faulty spring, a worn power steering belt, or worn control arm bushings. Our experienced team can fix any of the above problems and any other issues affecting your suspension system.

Our Suspension Services

We provide the following suspension services:

Diagnostic Troubleshooting
Component Benchwork
Air Suspension Installation and Repair
Rear Leaf Suspension Repair
Spring Installation and Repair
Shocks, Hangers, and Equalizers
Torque Arm Repair and Re-bushing
Walking Beam Replacement and Re-bushing
Steel and Aluminum Welding
Custom Framework
Pusher and Tag Axle Installation
Custom U-Bolt Bending
Lift Kit Installation and Repairs

While you’re waiting for repairs, pass your time in our trucker’s lounge with television and free WiFi. You can also get your truck inspected; we’re a certified DOT Inspection Station. I-55 is your one-stop shop for truck and trailer repairs and maintenance.

I-55 Truck and Trailer Repair: Your Source for Suspension Repairs

We serve the entire Marion, West Memphis and Memphis, AR , AR and have for years. When you need quality repairs from a highly skilled and experienced crew, come on in and we will get your truck back in top form while you wait!

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