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Looking for top-quality truck parts? Look no further! I-55 Truck & Trailer Repair is your trusted source for heavy-duty truck solutions in Texas. From engine components to aftermarket bumpers, we have you covered for truck parts and accessories.

Truck Parts for Sale

At I-55 Truck & Trailer Repair, we offer a wide range of truck parts to keep your heavy-duty vehicles running smoothly. Here are some of the truck parts we provide:

  • Mirrors: Enhance visibility and safety with our high-quality aftermarket mirrors.
  • Hoods: Replace damaged hoods with our durable aftermarket options, ensuring optimal engine protection.
  • Headlights: Illuminate the road ahead with our reliable aftermarket headlights.
  • Grilles: Protect your engine while adding a touch of style with our aftermarket grilles.
  • Bumpers: Upgrade your truck’s front-end protection with our sturdy aftermarket bumpers.
  • Engine and Engine Components: Find everything you need to keep your engine running smoothly, from filters to belts and more.
  • Doors: Replace worn or damaged doors with our sturdy replacements, ensuring security and weatherproofing.
  • Interior and Exterior Cab Parts: Keep your cab comfortable and functional with our wide selection of interior and exterior parts.
  • Wheels: Choose from a variety of wheels to suit your truck’s style and performance needs.
  • Gear Box: Ensure smooth shifting and optimal performance with our high-quality gear boxes.
  • Steps: Make entering and exiting your truck easier and safer with our durable steps.
  • DEF Tanks: Ensure compliance with emissions regulations with our DEF tanks.
  • Transmission: Keep your truck moving with our reliable transmission options.
  • Fuel Tanks: Store fuel safely and efficiently with our range of fuel tanks.
  • 5th Wheel Plates: Connect your truck to trailers securely with our durable 5th wheel plates.
  • Axles: Replace worn or damaged axles for smooth and reliable operation.
  • Differentials: Maintain traction and control with our high-quality differentials.
  • Hubs: Keep your wheels turning smoothly with our dependable hubs.
  • APU Units: Stay comfortable on the road with our efficient APU units.
  • Radiators: Prevent overheating and engine damage with our reliable radiators.
  • Tank Fairings: Improve aerodynamics and fuel efficiency with our tank fairings.
  • Battery Boxes: Keep your truck’s batteries secure and protected with our durable battery boxes
  • Fender Extensions: Enhance the look of your truck while protecting it from road debris with our stylish and functional fender extensions.
  • Stacks: Whether you’re looking for increased airflow or a bold aesthetic statement, we have the stacks you need.

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