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For added convenience I-55 Truck & Trailer Repair offers an Express Lane service for drivers in need of a quick turnaround. Take advantage of our fast and efficient, in-shop truck and trailer Express Lane service where our team of technicians will get you back on the road in no time.

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Heavy-Duty Truck And Trailer Repair
Marion, West Memphis and Memphis, AR

Your truck’s axles are up there with the drivetrain and suspension when it comes to getting your truck moving. Your engine’s power is supposed to get to the wheels somehow, after all. However, given the axles’ position underneath the truck, they’re prone to plenty of abuse and require regular maintenance to ensure there’s no fault or accident waiting to happen. If you’ve started having troubles with your axles, or just have concerns, come to I-55 Truck & Trailer Repair and we’ll get your concerns solved.

Brakes are one of your truck’s most important safety features, so they should be inspected frequently and repaired when necessary. Our technicians replace brake pads, rotors, drums, hoses, and more. Come to I-55Truck and Trailer Repair anytime you need brake inspection, repair, and maintenance.

When your truck’s engine is running, it’s putting out a lot of heat that needs to go somewhere. The coolant system is responsible for this, cycling coolant fluid around and throughout the engine to help absorb heat and avoid issues. However, the coolant can become less effective over time or the system itself can suffer damage like leaks or malfunctioning parts. If your truck’s coolant system is suffering issues, let the team at I-55 Truck & Trailer Repair get things fixed up for you!

If you’re having trouble with your lights, blinkers, battery, or any other element of your vehicle’s electrical components, our team will get things fixed up for you. I-55 Truck & Trailer Repair performs system diagnostics of your truck’s electrical system to identify and locate the problem. Once we’ve pinpointed the malfunction, we can fix it quickly and efficiently to get you back on the road in no time.

Drivelines also called drive trains or drive shafts, provide torque to the axles that allow you to turn your wheels on asphalt. If your driveline isn’t working the way it should, bring your truck to I-55 Truck & Trailer Repair or call our 24-hour mobile repair unit so we can come to you and fix it.

Today’s modern trucks are designed with environmental consciousness in mind, an especially important idea given the amount of diesel exhaust fumes even modern engines put out. That’s where the EGR system and diesel particulate filter come in. Designed to help with the environmental impact of your engine’s exhaust, thanks to their role they can become clogged and begin malfunctioning over time. If you’re dealing with EGR system and DPF issues, let I-55 Truck & Trailer Repair get your aftertreatment systems back up and running!

I-55 Truck and Trailer Repair is your number one source for mechanical repairs and outstanding customer service in the Marion West Memphis and Memphis, AR. We have been in the trucking industry for more than three decades, so we have the expertise and the connections to get the job done fast. The best technicians and parts dealers work with us to bring you a great experience every time. We can handle any job, from brake service and inspection to engine rebuilds.

Your truck or fleet vehicle’s exhaust system can put up with a lot, dealing with all the exhaust gases cycling through it during day-to-day operations. While they’re built tough and can last a lifetime, even these systems need some maintenance every once in a while. I-55 Truck & Trailer Repair has you covered. Our qualified technicians can perform whatever you might need to keep your truck or fleet vehicle’s exhaust system running smoothly and efficiently.

Are you looking to keep your commercial truck’s HVAC system in top shape? And are you in the vicinity of the Marion West Memphis and Memphis, AR Metroplex? Look no further than I-55 Truck & Trailer Repair. Our team of skilled mechanics has the knowledge and experience to ensure that your HVAC system is running smoothly, no matter the make or model of your commercial truck.

Regular oil changes are vital to keeping your machine running smoothly. The oil prevents friction, which reduces wear and tear to your engine’s components. I-55 provides a thorough oil change and lube service, including changing the oil filter, fuel filter, and air filter, and checking the air pressure in your tires.

I-55 Truck and Trailer Repair is a full-service repair shop in Fort Worth. With over 30 years in the trucking industry, we understand how downtime can hurt your bottom line. When you need help, our experienced team works tirelessly and efficiently to get your truck back on the road fast. We provide a full range of mechanical repair services to customers in the DFW Metroplex, including suspension repair and replacement.

When it comes to mechanical repairs and the highest quality customer service in Marion West Memphis and Memphis, AR, there’s no one better than I-55 Truck & Trailer Repair. If your truck or fleet vehicles are suffering from transmission or clutch issues, or just need general maintenance, let our more than thirty years of experience speak for itself. We’ll get things solved fast at the highest quality our customers have come to expect, so you can get back out on the open road.

Heavy-Duty Truck And Trailer Repair
in Marion, West Memphis and Memphis, AR

The Department of Transportation (DOT) requires periodic inspections of commercial vehicles to ensure that they are in compliance with safety regulations, and do not pose a threat to drivers. These inspections, otherwise referred to as DOT inspections, keep commercial vehicles on the road.

The need for engine repair can arise from factors such as insufficient preventive maintenance or unforeseen events beyond one’s control. Despite proper upkeep, problems can still occur. However, regular maintenance can lower the probability and intensity of these issues. At I-55, we are capable of tackling any diesel repair project, no matter the size. From valve adjustments to head gasket replacements, we’ve got you covered.

If you run a business that utilizes large machinery, you are probably well aware of how much you have put into each unit. As a result, it makes sense to get the most out of your investment by maximizing your equipment’s productivity, lifespan, and value. However, commercial vehicles in different sectors are heavily used in challenging environmental conditions. For instance, when a machine fails to function properly in a plant, it can abruptly halt operations, cause downtime, and contribute to low profitability.
Have you ever imagined the true cost to your company when you decide not to opt for routine vehicle inspections, repairs, and maintenance? Ultimately, you may find yourself stranded on the side of a road, contacting a mobile service provider to assist you urgently. One risk associated with doing so is that not all repair shops are punctual and worse, you may be pressed for time. That’s where we come in. By collaborating with business owners and fleet managers, we help save thousands of dollars while improving operational excellence.
Preventive maintenance tasks for trucks and fleets must be tailored to the specific vehicle and its usage. These services include examining different parts of the vehicle, such as the fuel, battery, and tires. A comprehensive checklist can help fleet managers plan maintenance in advance, allowing them to complete work orders efficiently, and without excess time, labor, or cost.

We are open 24/7 365 Days a Year roadside assistance plan covers all medium and heavy-duty trucks, regardless of the make or model. Whether your employees are traveling locally or long distances, our affordable program consists of end-to-end roadside assistance for each of your vehicles. We take care of commercial fleets at both busy city intersections and rural streets within 50 miles of our facility. No matter what industry you’re in or where your trucking routes take you, we’re always available to help.

Do you wish to improve your truck or fleet’s capabilities for hauling heavy loads and handling rough terrain? If so, I-55 offers state-of-the-art modifications to meet every imaginable need. We make off-road and power-based adjustments to enhance your vehicle’s performance beyond its factory design. Let us help you get the most out of your investment.

If you notice your vehicle drifting to the left or right when driving long distances, improper wheel alignment is often the culprit. This can occur if the suspensions, which connect your wheel hubs to the steering knuckle with ball joints, wear down. Out-of-alignment suspensions can cause the wheels to become incorrectly positioned with the rest of your truck. Ultimately, such a situation can damage the wheels, especially when you drive over rough terrain. Also, what if your truck or trailer pulls in a particular direction when accelerating, prompting you to steer to the opposite side? This is a sign that it’s due for a checkup.
Custom fabrication is an intricate process of building components, usually made from metal, to meet a fleet operator’s requirements and expectations. These parts are engineered to fit the purpose, usage, and weight of your vehicle in order to deliver optimal performance.

On Site Trailer Repair in Marion West Memphis and Memphis, AR

The team at I-55 Truck & Trailer Repair repairs and replaces thermal insulated and regular bulkheads and partitions, panels, sliding bars, and hardware. We want to keep you and your trailer’s interior safe from impact damage. Our team has years of experience repairing trailer doors, bulkheads, and all safety features of your truck and trailer. We are also a DOT inspection station for your convenience..

Your trailer needs to have good landing gear to keep it stable when you detach your tractor. The team at I-55 Truck & Trailer Repair repairs and replaces dolly legs and all trailer landing gear and stabilizers. We can even come to you and make repairs at the roadside when you need us.

Broken doors will only make your job harder than it should be and might endanger your cargo if they don’t lock properly. I-55 Truck & Trailer Repair repairs trailer doors, roll-up doors, rear ramp doors, and any part of the trailer that will keep the load secure — hardware, plywood paneling, and aluminum skins included.

Has the inside of your trailer taken a beating? I-55 Truck & Trailer Repair repairs trailer interiors, no matter how mild or extensive the damage. We repair panels, flooring, walls, roll-up doors, hardware, and more. Our facility gives us plenty of room to work on your trailer, and our talented team will get it looking great while you wait!

It’s vital to your safety and the safety of others that your lights and signals work well. If your trailer’s lights are causing you problems, come to us as soon as possible – or let our repair truck come to you! We test, diagnose, and repair or replace the bulbs, plugs, and wiring as needed. I-55 will have you safely back on the road in no time.

If your trailer’s aluminum skin is showing signs of damage, bring it into our shop right away! Our skin and bodywork specialists will make it like new again. We welcome walk-ins, but calling ahead might get you faster service when we’re busy.

I-55 Truck and Trailer Repair is your number one source for mechanical repairs and outstanding customer service in the Marion West Memphis and Memphis, AR area. We have been in the trucking industry for more than three decades, so we have the expertise and the connections to get the job done fast. The best technicians and parts dealers work with us to bring you a great experience every time. We can handle any job, from brake service and inspection to engine rebuilds.

Fleet Maintenance Service in Marion West Memphis and Memphis, AR

Diesel trucks are an important asset for any business that relies on them for transportation, delivery or other types of work. They need to be well maintained to ensure that they run efficiently and safely, and this is where fleet maintenance services come in. At I-55 Truck and Trailer Repair, we understand the importance of keeping your diesel trucks in top condition, and we offer comprehensive fleet maintenance services to meet all your needs.

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