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Preventive maintenance tasks for trucks and fleets must be tailored to the specific vehicle and its usage. These services include examining different parts of the vehicle, such as the fuel, battery, and tires. A comprehensive checklist can help fleet managers plan maintenance in advance, allowing them to complete work orders efficiently, and without excess time, labor, or cost.

Why Opt For The Service?

Frequently maintaining your truck or fleet is not only crucial for their overall health but can reduce the need for new parts or additional repairs. Furthermore, common preventive services help you steer clear of mechanical failures and ensure that you get your products to market on time.

Prioritizes Security

Fleet management involves more than just saving money. One of its key aspects is ensuring the safety of your drivers while they are commuting. Well-maintained trucks are less likely to break down and result in accidents while on the job.

Enhances Efficiency

Implementing a preventive maintenance plan for your truck can improve its performance, speed, and efficiency. It’s also important to regulate appropriate tire pressure because even a small drop can increase fuel expenditures. Regular checkups and servicing also help maintain your vehicle’s mileage and fuel economy.

Ensures Roadworthiness

You would want to maximize your truck or fleet’s lifespan as it represents a significant capital investment. By keeping up with maintenance and resolving issues as soon as they arise, we can guarantee that your vehicle is able to last many years.

How We Do It

Our technicians develop a personalized preventive maintenance program for your truck or fleet based on manufacturer recommendations, how you use your vehicle, its current mileage, and its condition. Next, we customize a regular service schedule, allowing you to focus on your business while leaving the technicalities to us.

Our preventive maintenance program extends your truck or fleet’s lifespan with services involving oil and fluid changes, checking glow plugs, fixing hoses, and inspecting tires. Here at I-55 truck and trailer, we go the extra mile by creating a schedule consisting of regular inspections that identify and address issues before they become serious or costly. In a nutshell, our robust program covers much more than standard preventive maintenance.

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